FridayNightFun: 9th June!

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Yeah - The drawings are back and worse than ever! :DD More of a storyboard than a promotion but oh well - It's a good summary of last time ^.^

Hello and welcome Dudes and Dudettes who have never seen my posts before, and welcome back those who have!
I am here to announce FridayNightFun on Friday 9th June at 8:00pm (BST)! for those who do not know FridayNightFun was originally intended as EU Monobattles as Day9 hasn't hosted them in a while - But it seemed to expand to just anything you want to do - Including Monobattles,FFAs, Raynor Party, Star Strikers and more!
Last time was awesome - Feuds were born, alliances were formed (Mostly against me and Bjorn -.-) and laughter was all around :D
The basic info is Listed below, but for now guys Good Luck, Have fun and I hope to see you there on Friday!

If you are interested you can join the FridayNightFun chat on the EU server or message me at Dizzy, 309 or post your name + code in the section below