Void Rays PvP

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For starters - This isn't a "Void rays must be nerfed!" thread, I just want to know how to beat them in the earlier stages of the game (E.g - Lower robo tech/ low stargate tech)This is because I have been trying to advance through the ladder to Platinum and I am currently in the Silver League, and I don't wish to lose to this again. So what sort of play would be best against this? Was it my macro let me down? Was it my micro was terrible? Should I just throw this away as one of those "One off" games?

Or even better - What should I do when I see he is getting 4-5 voids mixed in with his (Relatively small) Gateway army?Here's a replay of what happened - And I know there were a few hiccups in my play, but I don't think I played that badly! :)


Also suggestions for general improvement in my play would be welcome, as I only wish to improve! :)