Monobattles/FFAs: Friday 24th!

  (Edited: )

   Okay - The drawings are getting worse (Leave in the comments what you think the units are lol, and Bonus Points if you guess the Map!) and the names were just those who i remembered off the top of my head, ALL of you are awesome!

   Yes It's back! FridayNightFun has been successful for 3 weeks now and is growing in popularity! On Friday 24th, 8:00pm (BST) on the EU Server I will once again be hosting a session of Monobattles and FFAs on Heart of the Swarm in which we will have fun with Banter and general Dicking around! :DD

   (Skype is not a necessity however it will enhance the fun if you have it :P)  

   Please leave your Character Name and Code below, OR talk to me in game @ Dizzy,309, OR Join the group FridayNightFun throughout the week to sign up - I am in there most of the time I'm on HoTS! :DD. I hope to see loads of you there and,  due to the previous successes, I have high hopes! :DD

   Good Luck and Have Fun!