Monobattles/FFAs: Friday 31st May

    First and foremost I owe all of you an apology - I have not posted up a thread about this week or given any of you ANY warning on Skype - And for that I'm sorry and greatly appreciate your patience - Thank You! :D
    Also I have been quite Ill the past few days With RotaVirus ( It Sucks, Trust me! ), so no picture atm as I don't have the energy for it (Literally bed bound ill atm - But should be better tomorrow).

But Yes - It will be on this time and I will be Hosting it at 8:00PM (BST) in the FridayNightFun Chat!

After doing this for about a month I'm sure a lot of you already know this - But Here's the basic details in shorthand!

It is on at 8:00pm (BST) on the EU Server and will be in the FridayNightFun chat.
Message me at Dizzy, 309 if you are interested, or leave message here, or just turn up! :DD

Once again, Apologies but I hope you can attend!:D