Help Me Create The Ultimate Menagerie Paladin!

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I have been playing Hearthstone since July 2014, and for me the Menagerie Paladin has been the most fun I've had building and playing a deck since then.

It's not a great deck, no. I have plenty of other decks I can play when I want to win. Menagerie Paladin tickles the deck builder in me though. It's different, it's interesting, and for me it's very fun to play. It's fantastic, or better yet, Flantastic! (my BattleTag - Flantastic#11851. feel free to friend me)

I have created dozens of variations of the deck since Karazhan came out, tinkering and toying with it... sadly, I didn't play much Paladin prior to this so... I'd love help.

Below is my current deck list (click the link). Any and all advice, discussion, and criticism would be welcome! Together, let's make the most Ultimate Menagerie Paladin possible!


-2 Tomb Spider

+2 Stampeding Kodo

-2 Menagerie Magician

+2 Book Wyrm