[H] Bronze TvZ - Not entirely sure what my main mistake was.

  (Edited: )

So, I'm currently a bronze player [rank 1], sitting at around a 50% win rate, and I've been feeling pretty good about my play, but I hit this match and got totally dismantled - the whole thing just felt bad all the way through. I noticed my macro started slipping around the 14-15 minute mark, and I started floating about 1k minerals [Edit - I also tapered out on worker production a too early now that I rewatch it]. I also think I broke off and tried too many bad engagements - the units lost tab looks horrendous - I'm thinking that may be my biggest issue here, but I'm not sure. Overall, though, I'm uncertain about what the main takeaway from this match should be. If anybody has an observation, I'd really appreciated it!

Replay: http://drop.sc/372405