Desert Bus

This is not really a game for you to play. But for you to watch! In just about 8 days will go live with their annual charity stream, where they play as long as the money comes in. But they won't be playing just any game! They will be playing, the worlds most boring game! Desert Bus. This is the 6th time they are doing this, and so far, over the past five years, they have raised over 800,000 dollars doing this, and they will keep playing until the donations stop.

Now you probably ask, who are these "loading ready run" guys? Well they are Canadians, not 1, not 2 not 3, but 4 weekly comedy shows on the internet, 3 of them on The Escapist and one on Penny Arcade TV. On PATV they make Checkpoint, which makes fun of gaming news shows, on Escapist they do Commodor Hustle, a geeky sketch show, Unskippable, a show made by 2 members making fun of cutscenes, voice over style, which got them on The Escapist in the first place, and a show called Feed Dump, which is semi-improvisation on silly news from around the world, with changing guests each week (associated with LRR).

So now you ask, why would I want to watch the worlds most boring game? Well you won't, you want to watch the live feed from the room! Challenges from the viewers, sketches, tired people on day 5-6 of a stream with a maximum of 3 hours sleep, dancing, singalongs, live auctions, contests, fan fiction readings and almost everything the audience throws at them.

Why am I advertising this? Am in affiliated with LRR? No, I am just a huge fan that look forward to this event every year, more than almost anything. To me, very few events match up to this in entertainment value, and it can be enjoyed, for free, in your home, while charity is in focus!

So now, the last question you would want to ask is... Where do I find this amazing event?!?!?!? Tell me!!! Well, it can be found over at with all the information you could want. Starting the 16th of November, already, 8 days before the event starts, they are locked to at least 78 hours of streaming. Last year it was was the best year for Desert Bus, the stream collected over 300,000 dollars for charity, going for around 6 days, since 2008 the amount collected every year has increased dramatically, from 70k to 140k to 200k to last years 383k.

So, drop by during the stream, take a look, I know it has a lot of in-jokes and carry overs from the previous years (like the sing/dance along of Gay Bar) but give it a shot if you aren't doing anything :) Happy Bussing!