Awesome article (advice included for future entrepeneurs included!)

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I created an account just to respond to this article. First off, terrific presentation, and I love the fact that you include links in your article to prove you are not making up facts! I agree with you that anyone can become a professional in eSports, they just have to go about it the right way.

I am 23 years old and have been fortunate enough to work at a terrific company in the mortgage industry and have already made more money than I thought was possible at this age (outside of professional sports). My friends and family often have said, "Wow, you are so LUCKY to have that job" or " You really LUCKED out finding a job that good in this market." Now I know they meant no offense by it, but that is the mentality that makes people 'average.' They believe that people are more successful than them or make it big becuase of 'luck.' I guarantee you that it was not luck. Yes, a few things had to fall into place but most successful people are where they are because of desire, hard work, and commitment.

Evander Holyfield (multiple time boxing champion) spoke to me and a few colleagues earlier today and shared his story with us. He told us the three things that his mother carved into his brain:

1. Listen

2. Follow direction


He used the analogy of how in the ring he would get punched a lot, and sometimes very hard. But he knew, his 'momma' would give him a bigger beating if he quit. So he made sure he punched back and fought to the end. We must remember that life will punch you, and at times it will hurt. Make sure you punch right back. Just remember that the most successful of people have failed more than you ever will if you succumb to mediocrity but they made sure to learn from their mistakes. 


TLDR: Take three things from me:

1. Success starts from within. One does not become successful THEN believes he can become successful. You first have to believe, invision, and act as if you are going to become what you want to become before it can ever happen. Great people don't think to themselves, "Man, I hope I become a professional gamer/athlete, etc one day." They think (and believe) "I WILL become a professional gamer/athlete, etc."   

2.Change your perception of failure. All great people have failed MULTIPLE times. Do not be afraid of failure. Instead, embrace it and learn from it and then you will become able to laugh at the idea of it.

3. Commit! As silly as this may sound, write your goals/dreams down on a piece of paper. Read them every morning until you acheive them. Tell people close to you about your goals so they can hold you accountable if you start to get lazy.

Success takes HARD WORK and is not easy. But if you are doing what you love (which I assume is why you read this article) you won't feel like you are working at all. I also recommend reading the book "High Trust Selling" by Todd Duncan. Do not be afraid of the word 'selling' as this book WILL help anyone who wants to be successful in any industry or profession. At the very least check it out and have an open mind about it.

Thank you for your time, I hope I can help at least one person with this post.