OTK Rogue

So I've come up with an OTK Rogue
its based off the OTK Leper gnome, raptor combo

The premise of the deck is that you stay alive, clear the board for most of the game and then play thaurissan, next turn you do the combo and win.

Essentially the combo is dancing swords, brann bronzebeard, unearthed raptor, shadowstep
when pulled off correctly, on the board you will have a dancing swords (draw 1) an unearthed raptor (draw 8) and an unearthed raptor (draw 16)
at this point assassinate, or perditions blade/si:7 agent and backstab to kill one of the minions
guaranteed win as it gets past mage immunity secret

ive been having reasonable success on the ladder with this so far (6/10 games won so far)

would appreciate it if anyone else could try out this deck idea and see what they think, or even suggest cards that would work well with it


backstab x2
preparation x1
shadowstep x2
deadly poison x2
blade flurry x2
annoyotron x2
perditions blade x2
beneath the grounds
fan of knives x2
brann bronzebeard
dancing swords x2
si7 agent x2
unearthed raptor x2
antique healbot x2
sludge belcher x2
emperor thaurissan