Subscription question from an old lady gamer

Hey, I have a question and don't know where to ask it;  I searched for "subscription" on the forums and it came up empty.    So please be kind if this post isn't in the right place because I am a middle-aged mom and haven't looked at this forum.  Ever.  My son got me into Starcraft and Day9 and eSports years ago before my son went off to college so now I have to fend for myself.  :-)

The question  is:  My Paypal account has been dutifully sending money to TwitchTV for at least four years which was meant to support Day9TV..  Is that money still going to Day9?  The paypal invoice says it is going to a paypal account at "Twitch Interactive, Inc."

If that is not going to Day9, I'll cancel those payments  and re-subscribe to donate to Day9,  because even though I am a dorky mom, and SUCK at Starcraft PVP and Hearthstone and pretty much only ever fish when I play World of Warcraft because I also suck at PVP on that game, II still like tuning in to Day9 videos on YouTube on days when I need a pick-me-up.  Because being relentlessly positive is still the right thing to do.

Please advise...