School Days

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What is this game?

School Days is a Visual Novel which means you don't actually "play" it. What you do on this game is to choose options, no walking, no map exploring no quests, iada iada. But the game is totally animated. Have you ever seen an anime? Well you are basically playing one. You are Makoto( the main character I hate the most) and you will make his decisions for him. You can either choose a choice between the ones that are given to you or do nothing. It is a really big game though. I've finished it 6 or 7 times and have done only 33% of the game. Walkthroughs can be really useful on this game :D. As every Visual Novel your decisions can lead you to good or bad endings. Good endings in general you end with the person you like and nothing bad happens. Band endings you just don't end up with the character you choose to be with, except on this game someone usually dies on the bad endings. 

The Story

You are Makoto (I believe he has 15-16 years old) and you have a crush on a pretty girl you see everyday on the train going to school. You hear about a charm of putting a photo of the person you like as your cellphone image and if no one discovers it in 1 week you will start dating. You try it and fail on the first day when a friend of yours sees it, she decides to help you out though so everything is fine, right? Unless you have this scenario: The main character is the most indecisive person that was ever born. The cute girl you have a crush on suffers bully and has no friends and the friend helping you likes you but can't admit her feelings. This makes a lot of possibilities of deaths and you be into a girl and then turn 180 and go to other girl or end with some third girl that you didn't even knew was possible to be with.

Why this game?

I really like Visual Novels, I like the feeling of being able to do almost anything on a game. The ending is totally influenced by my decisions. Actually, every chapter is. It is a total of 6 episodes all of them with a lot of routes and paths you can go (it really goes wild at the third and the next ones) meaning that you will can do lots of choices, go to a path, do something different and end in the same place or just do one thing different and end the game on a totally different way. Also it is a romance game. I am really into romance stuff and this game have some real cute endings.

How to play it?

You can download it (I've done it 5 times and just once it worked but when I tried to use the program to translate it since it was on Japanese the game stopped working) or you can buy it at J-list which has some cool Japanese stuff too :) (some +18 stuff as well)

I believe that this is it. If you have any doubts ask here and I shall do my best to answer it :3

Some other information:

  1. This games bad endings can be found on youtube, they have lot of blood and some are heavy stuff so be warned.
  2. This is the routemap of the game:  pretty isn't it?
  3. It is a +18 game so if you are not, don't buy it. Wait until you are 18+ Because this is what responsible people do :3
  4. This game was also on this list 

Hope you got interested and like this game as much as I do :)