Sean Plott - Worlds Greatest Dad

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I am a long time viewer, since the beginning really...

I was thinking random thoughts the other day and considered the following.


Over the years Day9 has mentioned he loves kids and would love to have lots of them and be an awesome dad.


He repeatedly refers to himself as cat dad and is self proclaimed worlds greatest cat dad.


He has talked over the years in high regard of everyone in his family and close circle of immediate friends


He has never mentioned his own father, if he has.... It is evident to long time viewers that he is never talked about.


regardless, my thought was: given this evidence, he must, whether consciously aware of it or not, be attempting to fill a clear void of having a father figure in life. By being the exact opposite. 

Then I came to a question... Is it healthy?


anyway.... This is meant to be a thread for calm and logical discourse. Not judgement

 Hope he answers on stream if I'm even remotely correct or not... 

He might not because it involves personal things