Great Idea

Name: Eurynomos

B.netID: Eurynimos#325

League: Gold (EU)

Race: Zerg

Well since everyone wrote a bit more than just their ID and League ill continue to do so. I started playing Starcraft 2 again some Months before, i bought it when it came out but after some time went on with other games. I was placed in bronze and until now i made my way up to gold. Iam looking for people to practice with and improve together, since iam studying atm i cant say that i will have time every day to play and/or practice but at the weekends there is plenty of time for sure. Also iam willing to practice with people in lower leagues and help as much as i can. Because none of my friends is much into Starcraft or into Starcraft at all i would like to have some people to play with and talk about the game, so feel free to add me on or just leave a message.