Day Nine's Delay Mage Deck in Action

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I'm new to Hearthstone and card games in general. I am a long time fan of Day9's Starcraft videos even though I don't play Starcract 2. I got into the BETA two days ago. I was using cheap beat down decks that always fizzled our around turn 8 or 9. After watching the second Day9 Daily show about Hearthstone I wanted to play that deck. I was recording myself to learn how to play Hearthstone better and was blessed with my first game being so exciting I'm now hooked. Thanks Day9!

Tell me what you think about the fight. Day Nine explain why he was picking his cards, and I ended up using them for their exact purpose. I don't know much about the game like what crazy card counters and their mana costs that can do combos. I only know simple common deck ideas like beat downs and what not.

Day9 Mage Delay Deck In Action


  • Rank 20 Mage vs Rank 19 Druid
  • Mage Day Nine Delay Mage
  • Druid Late game creature beatdown deck (Ragnaros)
  • Mage gets coin Draw
  • Draw: Abomination, Ice Block, Frost Nove, Fireball
  • Bloodmage Thalnos used for Draw and Spell Damge
  • 5 Top Decks
  • Alexstraza on 29, Ice Block on 30
  • #1 Oracle Top Decks Frost Nova for board (8/3, 7/7, 7/7) and Arcane Intel which top decks Cone of Cold
  • #2 Oracle Top Decks needed Blizzard and a minion that takes the Ragnaros hit next turn for the save.
  • Draw 29 Alexstraza with Ice Block Up and Ice Block Still in Deck (30th card)
  • Druid at 15hp 3 Armor

At that point I had 12hp Ice Block as a Secret and was about to draw the second Ice Block. My Hand was:

  • Ice Block
  • Kobolt Geomance
  • Fireball x2
  • Ice Lance x2
  • Frost Bolt x2
  • Pyroblast

Thank you so much for these dailies. I had such a blast playing these long hands. Hope everybody enjoys it.