Antichamber, Young Merlin (SNES), or Hotline Miami.

To start things off, I dont know if you've already played these games on your own time, so disregard any that you have.

This game was a real fun one. Havent finished it yet, but I dont imagine it would be TOO long, depends how good your brain bits work. 
Antichamber is a mind-#$@! of a puzzle game, where you must reach the end. It reminded me a lot of Portal, but without the Portals, if that makes any sense.  Although it would be painful to watch, seeing people play it and struggle is half the fun!
Young Merlin (SNES)
It's an oldie, not even sure if it's considered good, but it's riddled with whaaaaat? moments.
Young Merlin is an isometric Action-Adventure RPG developed by Westwood Studios in 1994.  Somehow it was praised as being "The next Zelda" by N-Force Magazine.  
A game from my childhood, that I could never beat due to one stupid part involving a Minecart. Anyways, it would be super interesting to watch.
It even says on the cover "16 Megs of Fantasy Action", so how could you not want to play it!?
Hotline Miami
Another indie hit of the past year. I'd honestly be surprised if you havent played this one yet. It's brilliant.
You kill stuff.
A lot of stuff.
With a lot of stuff.
While on drugs.
And dressed as various animals.