Renegade - Retro Arcade Space Shooter.

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Hey there awesome day knights!

I'm sure pretty much all of us have wanted to make a video game at some point. I know it has been a big dream of mine for a really long time.

I studied to be an illustrator, although my big passion has always been technology, so even while i was studying in collage i was learning how to program by my self. I tried my hand for the first time with my last exam, where my thesis project was actually a video game, an interactive illustrative experience of sorts. Which led me to realize maybe making video games was not such a crazy idea, and that i could really do this is I dedicated myself to this thing!

So now that I'm graduated (i'm 26 btw, had a bumpy career, switched around a lot), I decided I would actually TRY and be a VideoGameDeveloper for real, and see how that goes.

Of course I want to be smart about this, so I decided I would start small. With small "mouth size" projects, haha.

So, here I am now, I have this really neat game I made on my own in the Android Playstore, and you can actually go and get it =)

Please take a look at it, I know it's not the NEXT BIG THING or anything, but, still, I feel proud of myself a little bit, I used to have trouble finishing the stuff I started.

You can play it on My WebPage.

And of course, you can get in the Android PlayStore

I really enjoy you can play it and tell me what you think ♥, I'm a big fan of dialog and feedback!There is a video as well (please excuse the mobile resolution)