Atlantis is Real (sort of)

In light of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, I researched and found some facts I wanted to share.

-Atlantis is very likely in fact the Minoan civilization. They lived on Crete, were incredibly advanced for their time, and their navy was so powerful they had no need of fortifications on the island itself. They were largely destroyed by the eruption of the volcanic island of Santorini. The blast was so powerful it literally blew the island apart and sent a tsunami through the Mediterranean, leading to the legend of Atlantis sinking beneath the waves.

-Plato's tenfold error is also likely real. In his dialogue Critias, he says Atlantis sank 9,000 years ago. 900 years would match the so-called Minoan Eruption.

-There is a lost dialogue of Plato. The dialogue Critias (which introduced Atlantis) was not completed, so it is assumed that the sequel was never written. The sequel's name was to be... Hermocrates.

-Orichalcum is a metal mentioned by Plato, but oddly not as a source of power or magic.

The developers did their research. :)