Random master looking for practice partner!

Hey! I am a rank 30-20 master looking for someone to play 1v1s with and or develop strategies with. I play on EU server and I'm from Sweden. I'm comfortable with chatting in english, but I don't like speaking. I play all races (I'm not going to pick random when we play, unless I plan something special). I'm 17 years old.

WhySometimes I feel that I want to train a specific matchup or maybe even a specific build vs build, or play from an interesting replay. I find the ladder inadequate. It can also be fun to have someone learn my style and counter it so i find weaknesses, as well as learning yours, and of course it's fun to get to know new people. I will of course answer this help and do the same back to you, if you want me to do a specific build or need help with something.

I do this to improve and I don't mind you cheesing or whatever, i want to be a solid player and i think it's interesting to see new playstyles, but if you are the kind of player that plays standard all the time, that is fine as well.

How: EU server is neccesary. I could set a time, weekdays around 7-8 cet, or just play when we see each other, im very active on normal european times.

I should warn you by saying that I have a unique playstyle that has been called cheesy, gimmicky, creative, genious or retarded. But I can also play standard well. In ladder i mix good made up strategies, standard as well as bad "troll" builds.

If you dont want to play, then I dont care about your leage, but if you want to play a lot of games it would be good if we are equal skill, we'll see in the first couple of games if we're good for each other :3

My nick is FightingFrog and on EU server my friend code is 829

Feel free to message me on bnet or on this thread!