Day9 series idea, game design analysis

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Hello guys.

Never sure how to start these but I wanted to say I love day9, I don't like starcraft for the same reasons he loves it (not to say it's not a fantastic game but we all love different things). I also am not a fan of hearthstone but yet I find myself watching most of his Decktacular shows. I mostly watch his Friday shows of playing random games.

The reason I still watch his other shows despite not being a fan of said games is he often has very interesting talks while playing, and gameplay simply becomes a secondary. Although he often tackles heavy subjects involving game design he has a knack for skillfully deconstructing & illustrating each key component giving the viewer a much deeper understanding of the original idea and the thought process of reaching that.

An example would be how in one video I remember he raised the point of level design. He pointed out how the starting stages flowed, and drew the player in using motion color and sound, then went deeper explaining why this is such a smart design choice and the results of using it i.e. being more immersive among other things.

I would love a series maybe a video a week where he chooses a game he wants to talk about, could even be the game he is playing for fun that week and then pick out one or a few key points and then goes into detail just like he does in his other videos. An example could be the one above he might use Bioshock 3, the into sequence and talk about how to draws the player in and guides the player with almost no prompts etc. Another one might be the dark souls and how the gameplay directly relates to the story making the player often feel the exact same as the character.

I love Day9, I would love videos where we can literally pick his brain and would give anything for this to be a series.