Starcraft 2 Montage of Carnage

Hey, fellow Day[9] fans (or DayKnights)

I'm working on a YouTube video montage of Starcraft 2 carnage, just for fun, where I will edit together lots of short Starcraft 2 clips with epic music to make a cool montage. I've already started putting together some of my clips, but if I only used mine then I'd be missing out on a lot of awesome footage. So I'm looking for you guys to send me your clips so I can put them into the video. The way to do this is to email me your replays at: and tell me at what point in the replay the awesome part is.

I'm only using short clips, about 30 seconds or so (maybe longer if there's constant destruction going on). The kind of stuff I'm looking for is huge battles, epic micro, awesome baneling explosions, siege tank friendly fire, that kind of thing. Clips that have a lot of action and destruction.

There's a lot of awesome Starcraft 2 moments that go un-noticed because they're not done by pro players so I'd love to make my own video containing clips that will otherwise go un-noticed.

I'll credit you at the end of the video if you submit a clip to me :D

Thank you