Help Developing a new Strat

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I am Currently working on a ZvZ Armored Style, It is proving difficult to get off the ground in the all in world of ZvZ .

This build is concentrated on the fact zerg lack units that do bonus damage vs armored.

The core of this strat at the moment is Creep Crawler heavy gas light opening Using either minimum roach or unburrowed Creep Crawlers to block ramp to stop run by at natural. Expanding into Semi fast Third and getting up 6 gas to Get up a reasonable amount of Corrupter.  A Corrupter roach mid game to apply pressure and deny the enemy his 4th or third if he was slow to take it and allow us to get up a fourth. Into endgame of Roach Corrupter Ultra to bash down the front door.

The help I'm looking for here in developing it Other than suggesting a few people try it themselves to feel if its viable or not.

What timings should i be most aware of defensively?

What could my opponent do to screw this build over?

I am of course still working on this myself but out side input is appreciated.