Help me introduce the family to sc2

Greetings everyone.

I've been concidering trying to introduce my otherwise sports watching family to sc2 as a spectator sport. They have no troubles watching people play football or hockey for hours on end but can not understand why I "watch people play videogames".

I've spent I don't know how many hours watching casted games trying to find a selection of good ones to show off that would show them how exciting and interesting sc2 is as a spectator sport. But in the end I'm finding it hard to imagine what would make for good introductory games.

So I figured I'd turn to you guys, anyone know of any particularly good casted games that I could use? I am personaly fond of Totalbiscuit and Apollo together as a casting duo and often find they generate commentary that is both valuable in explanations and in hyping up the drama of the match. But good casting is good casting and the personalities wont matter that much for newbies so anything goes.

All suggestions are welcome, preferably with links to VODs of the games in question, thank you.