Public "fan" bnet chat channel

Forgive me if this already is a thing, I've tried looking for it but found nothing, at least not on EU.

I was thinking maybe it could be a good idea to set up a bnet chat channel avaliable to everyone for people to just hang around in while logged on and I figured what better to base it on than the main common shared aspects of everyone here: that we enjoy the day9daily, and most likely sc2 aswell.

Purpose of the channel would be rather open and nonspecific, just a place for people to have a chance of encountering new friends and finding new people to play and discuss stuff with. It's kind of hard to meet new people through sc2 today any socializing happens outside the game through various communities. So I thought why not set up a presence for this community inside the game?

The practice partner thread here is a great idea but it is hard to know who is around when you tend to be but an open chat channel would show you just that at the glance of an eye and it would make it very easy to find likeminded people to play arcade stuff or just find someone to try out your new build on and get feedback from.

What do you guys think?