Hearthstone anticipation - solution?

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I have noticed day by day the anticipation over Hearthstone to get escalated, from angry people to disappointed people to people cursing why they don't have a beta key!
I do want to play as well but we have to understand that it is not possible just now, since it will be released within 2013 it is maximum 3 months we have to wait for it so it is no big deal to be a bit patient.
I would like to help to ease people. Since i did not had the chance to play since now in the beta and did not win in any competitions i went out there and searched for similar games to take the edge off, and i wanted to share with everyone that i did discovered a card game with similar mechanics and logic called shadow era it is free to play and might help you to cope until hearthstone come out. It is not as fancy but it seems a good game to me. Also i have heard about a card game called duel of champions that shares pretty similar qualities although i have not tried it my self.
I hope this helps :)

p.s. if you find this post useful and you wanna try it i can provide the link where i downloaded shadow era: http://www.shadowera.com/content.php?147-Play&tabid=78 

also i found duel of champions here: http://www.duelofchampions.com/en/the-game/about-the-game.aspx

p.s.2 feel free to make your own recommendations of a card game you might have enjoyed it might help give someone something to do while waiting.