NEW WOTOG Mill Rogue deck suggestion!!!

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I made a mill rogue deck with the whispers of the old gods new cards.
The card that tickled all the right spots for this deck was: nat, the darkfisher! ofc old classics like gang up and coldilight oracle remain!! Also found some forgotten alternative cards to get the healz going with some help from brann! Priestess of elune... long time no see!!
And a pinch of beneath the grounds in case we get the chance to overwhelm the opponent with our card draw, with a taste of blade flurry (yes i know it got nerfed but it can still remove us some threats).
Also i enriched my deck with some deathrattles and N'zoth as an alternative win condition in case you dont get the right draws for the millin!!! we wanna win right?
deck list here:
take it for a spin, see if you like it, maybe it needs some more removal, tweek it and make propositions! I would be glad to hear everyone's opinion :)
And it would be a real treat if Sean wants to take it for a spin :)