Dungeon of Elements - RPG with Dr. Mario/Tetris style combat and more.

Dungeon of Elements is an RPG dungeon crawler with combat inspired by Dr. Mario and Tetris. It also has crafting, collecting, achievements, gear, a branching story, pets, and many other cool features.

Dungeon of Elements (DoE) had a successful Kickstarter campaign in June and delivered the early release on time to backers July 31st. We released to the public on September 24th.

We've been trying something different with the marketing of this game. Instead of begging game web sites to write about us, we have reached out directly to Twitch and Youtube communities. So far it has been a truly amazing experience. The game has been very well received (as you can see by clicking here) and engaging directly with gamers has really been a blast.

We are also on Steam Greenlight, and would hugely appreciate your upvotes. Anyone who buys the game directly from us will get a free Steam key when we are greenlit.

Please feel free to ask questions about the game here and I will do my best to answer. 

Thanks for reading,