[OUTDATED] Stardew Valley Crop Calculator

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[UPDATE] I decided to abandon this project months ago but I forgot to remove this old post. I won't remove it but I'm leaving a link that will help you more than I could. Here, take a look at their "Big List of Stardew Spreadsheets and Resources", you'll find EVERYTHING you need and then some!

Hey everyone!

I've been playing Stardew Valley ever since I first saw Sean playing it 2 Day Offs ago.
I went with the waves during the First Year but I kinda felt the need to do things better during the Second Year, thus I decided to make a spreadsheet to help me with this task.

I've already made a Reddit post about my work but I want to leave a post here for the few that don't use Reddit much. I'm not here to 'spread the word' about Reddit but I can safely say that the Stardew Valley subreddit is really active and its community is making spreadsheets and tools to help everyone with their Stardew tasks!

Now, down to my business! I made this spreadsheet to help calculating:
  • The amount of empty squares you'll need to plant and place everything you need.
  • The amount of seeds you'll need for your farm.
  • The cost of all seeds you want and/or can plant.
  • The cost of all fertilizers of your choice that you need.
  • How much gold you'll need overall and how much you'll have after purchasing everything.
  • Profits (Per Day, Per Season, Personal Profit (Season Profit for all your seeds combined), Keg, Keg Per Season, Preserve and Preserve Per Season)
It also provides informatin about:
  • Source of each crop and its cost.
  • Crop type.
  • Time it takes to grow and regrow (if available).
  • Amount of crops received when harvesting.
  • Sell price of all quality types.
 I also made 2 tools to help you use this spreadsheet:
  • Capacity Calculator: Calculates how many squares you have available to plant seeds and/or how many squares you'll need to plant what you want. The amount of squares required in this tool will adjust to the number of Trees you choose to plant. [NOTE] I haven't been able to correctly use the amount of trees you manually and directly add to the 'Seed Split' column. I can only use the number of Trees you choose with my Split Tool, again, not that this will calculate using the number you chose and the amount of Tree Fruits available in the season.

  • Split Tool: Calculates how to perfectly split the amount of seeds you'll need of each crop to equally fill the squares available in your farm. Allows you to choose how many Trees and Ancient Fruits you want or will plant and takes into account the increased requirement of squares to plant a tree. [NOTE] Edit the C4 and C5 cells as you wish, then proceed to click the blue 'Set Split' button that should be to the right of those same cells.

I added an "How to use" with 3 easy steps to properly use my spreadsheet. I hope it's not confusing or hard for you.

Another thing to note, I'm terribly sorry if I fail to express myself, English is not my mother tongue but I like to believe I'm good enough with it to write this much. >.>

I've enabled anyone to find and view my spreadsheet but you'll need your own copy of my spreashheet if you desire to use it. To create a copy either:
Feel free to share your opinions, suggestions, doubts and reports of broken stuff. Thank you!