PVP Build, 80% winrate in mid diamond


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Byaka’s PvP 

Welcome to the Byaka Build guide 2.0. We (Byaka and me) originally posted this build in September 2011. It is now April 2012 and more and more people have been successful with it. (Recently even HuK uses a variation of this build, we sometimes like to think that he was at least a little bit inspired by our strategy… ^_^) 
We have also improved the build, so we thought it was time for an update. 

Byaka is a Master player, I am high Diamond (close to promotion?). We know Master players who also use this build. In the last 8 months we’ve had an 80-90% win rate in our PvPs. We discovered that the build is hard to hold off even when you know it’s coming. 

The build consists of 3 steps. You can skip 1 of the first 2 steps, depending on what you scout. The steps are: 

- Early pressure from 1 Gate (2x Zealot, 1x Stalker, all chronoboosted) 
- Dark Templar rush 
- Archon + charge Zealots 

None of these elements are new, although you don’t often see 1gate pressure. And when we first posted the build, Archon + Chargelots was very rare in PvP. 
It’s the surprise and the transitioning that makes it a strong strategy. 

- 1Gate pressure: 
Chronoboost your workers twice (on 11 and 13). 
Attack with 2 Zealots and 1 Stalker, all chronoboosted. If you build the Cybernetics Core after starting your 1st Zealot, and you only start mining gas after the CC is planted, you have the fastest build order. 
The early pressure serves to buy you time and to scare your opponent. 
Don’t do this step when: 
+ Your opponent is going for the 3 Stalker rush 
+ Your opponent is smart and scouts your 2x CBd Zealots 
+ Your opponent is going for the Adelscott FE or something else that involves many units in the early game 
One of the goals in this pressure is to deal economical damage. The average Protoss will have 1 Zealot and 1 Stalker by the time you come to his base, with a second Stalker on the way. This gives you enough time to take out his Zealot and his first Stalker. Send 1 of your Zealots into the mineral line, etc. Try to keep as many units alive, at least your Stalker. 
This push will delay his pressure. 
You don’t have to implement this part, you can skip it, carefully scout your opponent and quickly go to step 2. 

- DT rush 
After you throw down your Cybernetics Core, get a 2nd gas, a Twilight Council and a Dark Shrine as fast as possible. Slowly add Gates for a total of 4. Don’t chronoboost your warpgate tech! 
The time between when your 1gate pressure ends and when your DTs are ready is the weakest link in this strategy. 
Usually your opponent is so scared and feels so behind that he won’t apply pressure at this moment. When they do (4Gate for example), your defense can get a little messy. 
What I do is get as many Zealots as I can afford from the first 2 Gates. With them I scout around my base for proxy Pylons and I micro them vs Stalkers on the ramp. Another option is to get a Sentry for FF, but the 100 gas investment delays your Charge tech. 
My back-up defense is pulling Probes. Just don’t let him snipe your Shrine or too many Pylons, you need them to warp in your DTs. 

Before you warp in your first DTs, start the Charge research and immediately spend all your chronoboost on it. 

You should have a proxy Pylon near his base. You will have enough gas to warp in 2 DTs. Walk them into his base, but not both at once. If he has detection at the ramp, you want to pull them back. Do as much damage as you can, but don’t waste your DTs, because you’ll need them for the next step. 

- Archons + Chargelots 
Who knew that this powerful combination in PvT turns out to be even stronger in PvP? When we originally posted this build, almost nobody used it in PvP. We’re glad that it has become more popular in recent months. 
You should have started your charge upgrade before your DTs warp-in, so it finishes not long after your DT harass. 
Move to his base, morph 1 or 2 Archons and just force your way up his ramp. Only reinforce with Chargelots and maybe Archons. Your Archons break Forcefields, your Chargelots surround every unit the Protoss has. Don’t fight in narrow spaces, you need to get that surround. Oh, get a Sentry for Guardian Shield. 
There’s not much to say here except that this army composition is ridiculously strong. Seeing Protoss players try to FF a ramp with Archons on it is just so satisfying. 

- Expanding 
Since the launch of SC2, people have hardly ever expanded in PvPs. You started to see some PvP expand strategies in season 6. This build is a very strong 1base strategy, but you can probably also go for a fast expansion instead. HuK prefers to go expand + Colossi… Whenever we see him do that, we cry out in agony. Why do that if you can just win the game right now? I only grab an expansion when I see a walled off main and/or cannons near the ramp. Play passive and wait for him to move to your base. 

- Building order 
I don’t really believe in specific building orders, although I did give some details about the 1Gate pressure. We encourage you to find your own timings and adapt the strategy to your own style.