Help! I HATE this game.

I hate SC2, but I really want to love it. More specifically I hate playing it, watching it is great though.  What I hate most and is more frustrating than anything in the world is how mechanically demanding it is.  So much so that strategy feels almost irrelevant. And it's the strategy element that I love, and it feels like mechanical issues are just in the way of that. I've been playing since launch and have watched every tutorial out there about mechanics, including those few newbie Tuesdays Sean did. And they have helped me improve, however it feels the higher the ladder I climb the more and more mechanically demanding the game becomes, and conversely the less enjoyment I get out of it. I'm made it to diamond 2 seasons ago and it feels like I hit a wall and just can't do anything anymore. My hands feel like I'm playing with clumsy stumps instead of fingers and I'm only able to do 10% of all the things I want to do. 

I am at a loss as to what to do now. Help me enjoy this game again.