[D] A big concern I have with the HS Daily

I feel like there is a key flaw with the Daily as it is now.  It's great that Day9 is doing the show and that he is going over a lot of interesting deck styles (thus far anyway) however there is an issue within this format and a lack of material because of it.

As a recent example from the 3rd Daily, Day9 opens with the idea of winning late game and immediately picks up at least 2 Legendary cards that would be hard to get without sinking a lot of money into it.  He then went on to pick out some cards that aren't nearly as hard to get with dust, and then rounded out his deck with more Legendary cards.  This isn't inherently a flaw, but it presents a flaw in the format.  This is because he (seemingly) mindlessly adds these cards in because "you just should" without offering what role that card plays in the deck or any easier-to-access alternatives for these cards.  If he doesn't explain the concepts and roles (keywords) of the cards he uses in these decks then the Daily loses a lot of the value it could hold educationally.

Again, I need to emphasize that it isn't wrong to play with a powerful, Legend heavy deck.  It's just that you could explain how to build an alternative (and yes weaker) version for newer players if he would explain why something was chosen and what other cards could fill that role in the deck itself.

I feel like I'm missing an important point here but I'll post more later when I remember.