Day Knight Tournament League: Season 1 Signups

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Hello all!

Welcome to Season 1 of the DKTL!



Up until the RO4 it will be best 2/3.  RO4 and the finals are 3/5.  This tournament is Single Elimination and races are locked.

There is a prize pool (non cash) for the top points earners of the season as well as those who take first in the two respective tournaments each season.


Derelict Watcher
Belshir VestigeAkilon Wastes

These are the maps that will be used for this season of the League.  Each player gets one veto per match and the maps are played in top down order according to this list.


As a last minute and general suggestion, meet up in a DKTL chat channel on SC2 during the week to make it easier to find your opponents.

As far as actual scheduling for the matches go, there isn't much of one.  Once Brackets for the tournament are posted you will have 4 days to meet up with your opponent and complete your games.

If there is an issue with this, as in someone not showing up or replying to inquiries, please report it to the above eMail as soon as you can and preferably before the matchup deadline.

If you feel you were playing against a smurf (and I don't just discourage smurfing, you will be DQed for it) report it ASAP to my eMail.  It will be investigated and taken care of as quickly as I (or my help) can.

After the matches are complete you will need to send the results to the above eMail with the W/L record in the subject.  If you want to have your games cast then attach the replays of the games and I will get them out to casters to have that done.  Live casting can be done, but it will be up to the players (you) to reach out to the casting crew to find a time suitable for it.

In the event that you feel you may have been falsely reported (IE You won and were reported the loser by the opposing party) then simply send an eMail and it will be promptly investigated.

I can't state it enough that you will want to keep all your replays in the event this, or any other unfortunate event, happens.


When we get down to it I would like to livecast the RO4 down to the Grand Finals all in one go.  If this turns out to be outside the players' schedules then I will reconsider and go about the tournament as before, but I would encourage that we cast these games specifically.

CASTSI will have these up on a YT Playlist as soon as I can get them there.  Links will be provided as soon as I have them ready.  If for some reason you do not want your games live cast please let me know in an email before we arrive at a point where it becomes an issue.  I'd like to have any problems mitigated before they become serious issues.


Below I will have two conversation threads opened up.  Each will be for each specific league.  Please reply to the specific thread for the tournament you want to enter in this format:

Name (Donald)
Race (T/Z/P/R)
Server (NA/EU) Character Name/Code (DonaldDuck.555)

I will try to get you seeded to your own server early in the bracket, just keep in mind that you may have to swap servers at some point.  As I said before, do not try to smurf.Two days after signups I will close them and try to have the brackets up the same day.  From then you have 4 days to complete your matches ending on midnight Day9 Time (PST) of the fourth day.    GLHF Everyone.