DayKnight Festival! August 16th! Details Within!

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So guys!  I finally have some details for you after a long wait!  I'd have had this up sooner but I was bedridden sick and that has caused delays.

Anyway, I've compressed the festival itself down to a single day due to the other parties I have involved with helping me run the event itself.  I will have it streamed!  The streams will be listed in the next update, which should be soon, and the streams will run with the "official" event from 12pm-6pm Pacific here.  After that I may run the event on, unstreamed, until I run out of players or prizes.

There will be a meetup roughly an hour (11:00am Pacific) prior in the DayKnight raidcall channel (ID: 8401093) so we can get organized to a degree.  If you're coming late to the party then you can meet us in the SC2 <9 channel. 

Streaming live

Also there will be prizes.  The following is mostly complete listing of the games I have to hand out.

Festival Prizes

And I'll have more listed as I can confirm them.

As far as the games go we will be running 4v4's, arcade games, monobattles, and the whole nine yards of fun and entertainment.  More info coming as I get it!