DayKnight Festival (Rescheduled) August 15th-17th!

Hello again!

I've rescheduled the DayKnight Festival to a more reasonable date, but I need some volunteers to help me out.  I will be updating this post as I get more info about the event itself, but for now if you're interested in helping I need a few good people for the following.

Needs to be able to stream SC2 games with 12 participants in them.
Open schedule for the weekend in question (6 hour blocks are as low as I go)

Will be in charge of a seperate group of parcipants, and will be in constant contact with me.
Again, needs to have an open schedule (moreso than a streamer) for the weekend.

Aside from that guys I'm still getting prizes and things together.  So keep this thread in mind as we get closer to the 15th!