DayKnight Festival Update!

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So after a big turnout and insane feedback from you guys I've obviously launched into the planning stages for the next festival.

After a lot of meeting with my people and talking with the lovely Day9TV staff we have come to a number of interesting decisions concerning the future events, and we hope you guys will get on board with your support.

First thing is first, we are doing more of these.  A lot more.  In fact, we're making it a quarter annual event and are looking to set the next event 3 months out (roughly) from now.  I will definitely have an exact date for you as we get closer to the event (and I will try real hard, just as I did this last time, to make sure it's not conflicting with other events).

Another thing we're looking at is including other games in the event, and for that we need some feedback because the starting goal is small.  The first game we're really looking into hosting for the event would be Team Fortress 2, but we're open to suggestions from you guys as well.  There are a couple of limiting factors that come into play when considering the games that we want to include, but will work towards making sure we get what the community wants into the event itself.

Lastly, we are looking for more help with the event itself.  I have a dire need for more streamers, a few more administrative roles, and artists for stream overlays and the like.  If you have something you think you can help with please email me at and I will see what we can get set up.  In the mean time though, please feel free to put any suggestions for things you want to see in the next event.