DKTL Round 2 Signups!

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Hello all and welcome to Season 2 of the DKTL!COPY THIS DOWN:  DKTLSC2@Yahoo.comThis season will be played across 4 rounds in a BO5 format.

Alterzim Stronghold TE | Frost LE | Star Station TE | Yeonsu LE | Polar Night LE  | Derelict Watcher TE | Bel’Shir Vestige LE

Each player gets one Veto with matches starting on Alterzim unless vetoed, in which case you move down the list.  Loser chooses the next map.

As before you will sort out when to meet your opponents, but you will have 7 days to get the matches handled.  There will be a schedule posted to help with this.

If there is an issue with finding your opponent please report it to the above eMail as soon as you can and preferably before the matchup deadline.  If you feel you were playing against a smurf  (you will be DQed for smurfing) report it ASAP to my eMail.  It will be investigated and taken care of as quickly as I can.After the matches are complete you will need to send the results to the above eMail with the W/L record in the subject.  If you want to have your games cast then attach the replays of the games.  In the event that you feel you may have been falsely reported (IE You won and were reported the loser by the opposing party) then simply send an eMail and it will be promptly investigated.I can't state it enough that you will want to keep all your replays in the event this, or any other unfortunate event, happens.

Games are sent to the casting teams at the end of the season.  I will have them posted as soon as I have the VoDs.

Below I will have two conversation threads opened up.  Each will be for each specific league.  Please reply to the specific thread for the tournament you want to enter in this format:

Name (Donald) Race (T/Z/P/R) Server (NA/EU) Character Name/Code (DonaldDuck.555)
Donald P NA DonaldDuck.555
I will try to get you seeded to your own server early in the bracket, just keep in mind that you may have to swap servers at some point. Signups will be open until Tuesday, December 3rd at Midnight Pacific (GMT-8).  Brackets will go up Wednesday with a new hub thread.  GLHF Everyone.  Feel free to ask questions here and I will try to reply AFAP.