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Okay!  Let's repost some rules.

The tournament OFFICIALLY STARTS on September 18th at 12:00AM PST (GMT-7).  You will have 4 days to complete this first round and report it back to me.


Up until the RO4 it will be best 2/3.  RO4 and the finals are 3/5.  This tournament is Single Elimination and races are locked.


Derelict Watcher
Belshir Vestige
Akilon Wastes

These are the maps that will be used for this season of the League.  Each player gets one veto per match and the maps are played in top down order according to this list.
Finals will have the extra two maps (Polar Night and Frost) added in to the pool.


Send your results (and replays if you want them cast!) to once your matches are over.  If your games are against an opponent on another server I would encourage you to get in touch with them here on this forum (within this post, just to keep it localized) and I will try to open a group on EU and NA for the DKTL so that matches are easier to get together.

If you have questions send an email to the above (and I'll have my twitter up and running soon!  I will get that edited in ASAP) and I will answer as soon as I humanly can.  I check it constantly.


I do have these, but they are rather limited for the moment.  First place in each league I will be sending codes for a Humble Bundle code to over email.

After the Season is over (two tournaments) I will have additional prizes for players with the best records in each division as well as top placers.  I will have more specifics on this very soon.  Ties will be broken by higher tournament placing or a tie breaker match if possible.
I understand that there are a lot of byes this time around in the brackets and that some of these systems are a little shaky.  There will be more concrete and solid system in place promptly after this season, or even first round, is over.  Please send me feedback to the above email so I can make this a better experience for everyone.