DKTL Season 2 Communication Hub

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Welcome to the DKTL Season 2!

Please do not send me Replays via GGtracker.  Email : or follow me on Twitter for updates @GM_Faustus

Alterzim Stronghold TE | Frost LE | Star Station TE | Yeonsu LE | Polar Night LE  | Derelict Watcher TE | Bel’Shir Vestige LE

You still get 1 veto per player, however all sets are BO5.  Starting map starts on Alterzim and moves to the right as Vetoes occur.  Loser chooses next map.

The Swiss means you will play someone new each week and you will be awarded points for each win.

Winning your games nets you 1 point.Having a bye round nets you half a point.Ties (in the event that no games are played) are worth no points.

If there are any irregularities in your matches (smurfing/cheating) then send replays and reports back to the above email.  Send replays if you want them cast and I'll have them sent out for casting.  As my casting crews finish I'll post up the VoDs.

There is now a DKTL group on EU and NA for easier meetups.

Aside from that feel free to drop questions through any channels you can reach me through and I'll get back to you AFAP.

GLHF everyone!