DnD in the Starcraft Universe? I'm designing a game for YOU!

I was talking to Lord Matsu about this and he seems down to DM it.  So I'm going to run it past you guys here at the Day9 Forums!

With the recent interest in the tabletop style gaming I figured we could mix it up a little and get something fun going.  However I need some limitations and such to get started in earnest on some of the concepts.  So we will open with a STRAWPOLL!


Keep in mind, this first campaign I'm working on is going to be Terran only for PCs, so the size of the campaign is going to limit the types of units and equipment that can be put to use throughout.  Don't expect to be digging through an abandoned science facility in a siege tank.  It just won't happen.  Even if it would be awesome.

Anyway, feedback is appreciated heavily so I can shape this and work it into something very, very fun.  It will be set in the Dungeon World ruleset, so keep that in mind.