Faustival Arcade Game Suggestions Topic Thread Thinger

Hi guys.  My motherboard on my computer kinda died.  Super dead.  Really dead.  Dead.  Ded.

So I had an idea to crowdsource some games for the Faustival in the mean time since I need to like...do damage control on my stuff and get it all working again.  Or at least parts of it.  You get the idea.

So let me know what your favorite arcade games are!  Lots of players is a big plus when I consider games, as well as time.  Something like Ice Banelings is bad because it runs on forever, even though it can host a massive amount of people per game.  Something like Magecraft can be good though because the game can run for about 30-40 minutes and have everyone (~8 people?) slugging it out for fun in a fast paced environment.  So drop your game and why, and when I get back up and going I'm gonna test the crap out of all of em.