GUYS! I'm starting up a bunch of gaming shows.

So I've been kinda...working.  A lot.  Lately.  A lot.  Had an idea so I could do more work that I hated less than the work I have to do.

With that said, I'm starting up some Let's Plays and a Podcast or 2 to round out any and all free time I could have had with more work.  Yay!

Let's Play Channel on the YT

I'm largely in the market to get back into enjoying video games again since I've been having "The Struggle" trying to have fun.  That just means that I'll be playing my favoritistist of games first and such.  And then probably games that I really like.  Yeah.

(Link for Podcast Coming Soon?)

Yeah I'm gonna do one of these on weird game design ideas that I have had from time to time in regards to the games I play.  So if you have a game you want to chat about I'd be more than happy to have you on at some point just to chat it up and twist the rules and mechanics of your favorite games into weird, Frankenstein-like amalgamations on paper.