Right for the wrong reasons.

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While it is true that Sean doesn't have time for SC2, it's not because he's loading up on HS content.  Sean puts a lot of time into planning out a Daily to get the quality of the show as high as it usually is.  Now, personally, I would love to see more SC2 content but there are a couple of factors that are going to prevent that for a long-ish time.  Right now Sean is working super hard on Project Atlas, which is his job, and it doesn't leave him a lot of time to do any prep for an SC2 daily.  There's also the notion that SC2 hasn't produced anything interesting in the meta in quite a while (it has literally come around in a circle at this point) so there likely isn't a lot for him to say.  And finally, it is much easier for him to work hard all day, come home, and then netdeck something and play it for a few hours before what I can only assume is crashing out super hard to do it again the next day.
I would hope he'd be coming back to SC2 eventually (LOTV) but I'm not demanding he come back to it by any kind of force.  The content would suck then.

And as a sidenote, there's literally nothing stopping anyone from putting together a lot of fun SC2 stuff for everyone to enjoy.  I've run tournaments and a festival (soon to be 2) while Manbon and JellyfishSC2 have run Funday Monday tournaments.  If there isn't a thing you want for SC2, you can always create an event and go have a ton of fun through that.