So, a lot of news. -_-

So I took the advice of my peers and opened the first round up to finish after the weekend to see if I could maybe get more of the games finished and submitted.  The truth is this was against my better judgement and I was going to just disqualify 8 people from a bracket and close down Diamond/Masters league due to inactivity.  The latter will still likely go through because I have found nothing indicating that those players have shown any interest in the tournament since signups.

On the other hand I have restructured the entire Bronze/Silver bracket and DQed anyone showing inactivity.  The matches that were played are still valid and posted to the new bracket, but I suggest you check it again and attempt to get your matches done ASAP.  I will post some kind of deadline in the near future, but for now there is an open period for B/S to catch up to the G/P league.

Thank you for your patience, I'll try to avoid situations like this in the future.