Some News, Kinda

So I don't usually do these but I've grown more fond of this community than any other.

Shorthand version, I'm moving on to different communities and projects.

It's been two years now, at least, of planning events and having fun with everyone. Watching streams and all that good stuff too. But the community and the content has changed such that I can't continue doing what I do and staying mentally healthy.  The benchmarks I use to gauge this kind of thing haven't been met in a while now, so that means it's time for change.

I still have a few loose ends to tie off, and I'll handle those accordingly, however after that I don't expect to be doing any more events. To be blunt, the market for the stuff I do just isn't here anymore. Also I didn't wqnt to post this yesterday because April Fools, and this is a rather serious thing for me.

On the positive side, Ive left most of my better plans and ideas with the appropriate people so there may be some cool stuff in the future, but it's out of my hands. I've made a lot of awesome friends and probably lost touch with more than I'd have liked, but everyone has been an amazing human being.

So with that I'd like to give a general farewell, and say go forth and be better gamers.