I Took Day[9]'s advice

So. I signed up here just to tell you guys this story. The story of how I 1up'd Day[9].

After a few years of drifting around from job to job, I finally decided on a career path and got my a** back in school. Being that I was pretty sure I wanted to go into computer science (programming) I signed up for a basic programming class over the summer just to make sure.

And what happens on the first day? I meet a girl. A girl named Sar--Felicity, Felicity. Definitely Felicity.

So Felicity, like many other Felicity's out there, is pretty cute and I start to take a liking to her.

But what would an introvert like me do? Maybe ask her out for coffee? Ask for her phone number so that I could text her later and ask her out for coffee when I wasn't face to face with her?

No. What does a guy like me do?

Drink a can of Bear Semen for energy and Engage Man Mode, that's what.

I remembered that she wrote calligraphy while bored in class one day, and my plan came together.

1) Write a bada** program for fun. Like say, a "guess the number between 1-10" program where the answer is 11. Supply cunning         hint that references our mutual love of Dr. Who upon guessing "10". If guessed correctly the program asks her on a date. BOOM.

B) Save that program on a jump drive. Write "Play me" on the jump drive in my best calligraphy that I could learn in 20 minutes.

III) Profit ???

11) Hand her the drive with a wink, and walk off.

Ok, so I didn't come through on that last one but 3 out of 4 2 out of 3 ain't bad. I did hand it to her and act all mysterious about it, so it accomplished the same effect.

And later that day, I get a text saying yes to the date. ALSO BOOM. (And obviously since I got a text, I did ask her for her number beforehand so as to meet at a coffee shop, but really honestly, that was just 'cause I needed help on one of my programs for class. Honestly.)

This should all sound very familiar to you. As Mr. Plott shared a story of writing an awesome letter in calligraphy and his subsequent rejection in programming form. Rough stuff to be sure, and I empathize. See what he needed to do to get the date with his Felicity was combine them. Though he couldn't know how she would reply, I guess... But that's beside the point. I did what he could not, I combined them, and it worked. They said I was mad, but it WORKED!!


So basically Day[9] didn't go far enough. Just sayin'.

Oh god. I am so sorry. I didn't mean that.

(But seriously, Thanks Day[9]. Your encouragement to just go for broke because the worst thing that happens is an awesome story brought me out of my shell a bit. For all you dude's like me asking out Felicity's or maybe you Felicity's who never ask out a dude. Go for it. They won't be a real person afterwards anyways :-D

Though now the real question remains. What to do on the date that will be just as awesome? Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed it and stay awesome! )