For once a cracked article I disagree with

Hello all,

Just getting started here on the site, love what Sean does and watch all that I can during my hectic college schedule.

I'd like to draw some attention to a Cracked article I read this morning because it makes me upset that Cracked would publish something harmful to E-Sports. The link can be found here! Please direct your attention to #4. Now I may be overreacting to this but it seems to me that someone didn't do their research into what a professional Starcraft player can do! There are many comments of people ripping into the author as well, but I'd like to post this here to gather input.

I welcome any thoughts and discussion on the topic. Thank you, you may stop reading here if you'd like.
Also they go on to talk about Golf and how it's not something that someone should pursue either. I'm sorry, but I followed my heart and worked so hard and it got me into the school of my dreams (Willamette University). Therefore I am a firm believer that someone can do Golf and be successful (have you seen the PGA tour? Have you seen the amount of merchandise there is for Golf?).

If you read further, thank you again.