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The Neverhood was a 1996 "point and click adventure game" - sorry, that's what they were called.  This genre of games used to be pretty huge but they are less common these days.  One thing that made The Neverhood especially unique was that everything was made out of clay.  The sets, the characters, everything!  The animation was done using stop-motion photography (like the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas).Most adventure games at the time (such as Sam And Max) focused heavily on inventory-based puzzles, requiring players to figure out which items to use where.  The Neverhood stood out for its much heavier focus on room-based puzzles such as this one:

(By the way, notice how awesome the music is?  I'll get back to that)

While The Neverhood was very popular in its day, the sequel on Playstation a few years later, called Skullmonkeys, was made as a platform-jumping game (similar to Super Mario Brothers) with no puzzles to figure out, no mysteries to solve.  Although the music was once again amazing, it wasn't enough for the game to be a big success.  This claymation franchise, and a treasured part of my childhood, died out.

For 17 years, I waited for a true successor to The Neverhood, a claylicious adventure game full of puzzles, mysteries, and monsters.
And then...

Created by the makers of Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood.

Armikrog.  Against all odds, the original Neverhood development team has reassembled to create a new clay adventure game via Kickstarter.  Perhaps most important of all, the original soundtrack composer has returned to deliver another round of bizarre, hilarious music:

Words cannot express how incredibly unlikely and unexpected this is.  Sometimes in life you really cannot predict what's around the next corner.

By the time I found out about the KS campaign, they had already found thousands of backers and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in pledges to make a fan-funded game.  Now a few days later, they've achieved more than 50% of the pledges and it looks like this game is really going to happen.  I couldn't be more excited, and I hope you're excited too.  You should be!

Over 10,000 backers and over 50% funded.  You can check out the campaign progress at

For the kickstarter, go to and click through, or just go to

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