I'm game for games.

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    I'm very nomadic when I play games as well, although I do go through periods where I want to set to and really learn the depth of a game. In general, I am always up for fun and learning in any game at any time. Genre doesn't matter and I have a lot of games. (Go, chess, puzzles, etc., are fair game too) I do tend to stay a year behind current titles; my steam backlog is more of the reason for that then money. Blizzard games are my mainstay right now, both new and old.
   That said, I am not very reliable right now as I work quite a lot and my internet limits what I can play. (Though this will change in 6.5 months - FYI., long time day knight; I'm not going anywhere)  I think that you are going about things in the right way though. The more friends you have online, the better your chances of finding someone for what you want to play at any time. Search for the "DayKnights" group on steam and join and be sure to check day9tv twitch chat as there is usually someone in there also. If I am online, just hit me up. My info is all in my profile. Just click my orange name under the diablo photo.{From my younger days}
   I wish you well in your gaming travels. GLHF!