It's doubtful

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With 142,531 followers on twitch alone, it would be hard to do casts on his account if it was known and his smirfs (accounts under a different name) give him the freedom to just play. I believe that HS is strictly linked via your battletag so it would also give you access to contact him when he is in SC2. That said, he could invite you upon reading this or you could play him if you just ladder a lot. (Perhaps without realizing it is him) Regardless, there are many more awesome people to play with that don't have such job/obligation/fame restrictions. The Day Knights are particularly plentiful with amazingly fun and nice people. I would be more than happy to play whenever I am on. (Battletag: GhostStalker#1674) Also, just hop into day9 twitch chat whenever you want to play. I can guarantee that there will ALWAYS be people there (even if they don't respond right away).Glad to have you here and don't hesitate to ask anything else. GHLF and see you in HS!