Relatively unedited feedback.

  (Edited: )

The feels. So subtle, so open and empty yet there is something important happening. Makes me think of someone wondering through a tech savy city, stealthily avoiding those he doesn't want to see with some unknown purpose. They are somewhere they shouldn't be. Must be careful. The middle part took me to a place were they might be overlooking the city, feeling the emptiness of the night, There is regret and reflection in the air. Then it's enough of that, back to work. There is something important that needs to be done.

On a less creative side, the shift was rather sudden. Might need something to tie them together better at the beginning. Maybe not. The little crack-ka-kaa and ending it was super nice. Perhaps it's just a little shocking on first listen as you get into that groove. Love the transition out of that section back to the regular beat also. So smooth. Are you trying to keep this song minimalist or is there more peaks or layering desired. All the lovely little sounds coming in and out of the main beat just make this piece come alive.

Ya, I just don't know how to feel about the transition. I love it because it is sudden but it is such a shift that I don't know how to feel? Feels great after though. Can anyone else articulate what I am failing to? Also, with ambient music, I know there isn't anything particular you are building to but I wonder what else it may need. Does it need more unity? There isn't periods where it stagnates due to that sick transition out of the reflective syth part. Perhaps more could be added but I'm afraid that it might overpower the chill tention that is there. I'm new to thinking about the actual structure of music so forgive me if I am butchering this. 

Overall my feelings are thus, great rythim. I like but am uncertain about the extreme shift at first third of song. Adds depth just don't know how to evalutate. The transistion out is strong and it doesn't feel like any part overpowers the tone of the ambiance. (Perhaps that is what is making me feel odd about the transition, breaks the tone?)

Perhaps more ideas from others will help me formulate my feedback.

Thanks for sharing and I hope this helps.