Everspace (roguelike arcade space shooter)

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Hello everyone! Long time watcher, first time poster.

I've been following Everspace since it's Kickstarter last year, and I've grown somewhat close to the developers in the process. In fact, they've recently promoted me to being a forum moderator at their game site (forum.everspace-game.com).

This up-and-coming indie title features AAA-graphics, but don't let those stunning visuals make you think it's a tryhard. The core gameplay of Everspace is remarkably well done, and it's only in Early Access right now. This game is like FTL, Freelancer and Rogue: Legacy had a baby, except it never needs a diaper change.

This accessible arcade shooter tackles greatness with a tight control scheme and just enough depth to keep you coming back for one more run. That being said, there are a lot more additions coming to the game before it releases (potentially) early next year.

Trailer for Early Access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlJrokiuSO4

All in all, this game really needs more exposure, and I hope the DayKnights can have a look at what this Germany-based company has been pouring their heart and soul into.

Hope you give Everspace a go; the developers have done a great job with this little gem.